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This area gives a brief description of a range of conditions that ENT and facial plastic surgeons treat. Topics are covered in greater depth in the page information sheets where downloadable information may be found.

Surgeons began to specialize from the beginning of the 20th century - already it was apparent that it was better to become expert in a narrower field than to be a Jack of all trades. The connexion of the ears with the nasopharynx (area at the back of the nose) and the obvious connexion of the nose with the throat brought these three areas of the body together in the speciality of ENT surgery. The move towards narrower specialization hand in hand with developing greater expertise has continued right through the 20th century along with the increasing level of technology in medicine. Now, whilst all ENT surgeons continue to treat a wide range of conditions, most now concentrate their expertise on the ears, nose, or throat.

The commonest two facial plastic surgery operations are rhinoplasty and pinnaplasty (or otoplasty) which are corrections of deformities of the nose and outer ears respectively. Since the inner recesses of these areas are already covered by ENT surgeons, it is not surprising that most facial plastic surgeons worldwide are also ENT surgeons.

This page does not aim to present a list of all that ENT surgeons do. Instead it presents the particular areas with ENT and facial plastic surgery in which Chris Pearson has a special interest, and in which he has concentrated his efforts to develop particular expertise.

Each topic contains information about the cause of the condition, the effects that it has, and the treatment that is available. To navigate around this area, chose the topic headings on the buttons on the left of your screen: